New Testament Manuscripts

Biblical criticism The modern era of critical scholarship on the works opened with K. Bretschneider’s work on the topic of Johannine authorship. Bretschneider cited an apologetic character in John, indicating a later date of composition. Scholars such as Wellhausen, Wendt, and Spitta have argued that the fourth gospel is a Grundschrift or a, “.. Baur — proposed that John was solely a work of synthesis of thesis-antithesis according to the Hegelian model—synthesis between the thesis of Judeo-Christianity represented by Peter and the antithesis of Gentile Christianity represented by Paul. He also cited in the epistles a synthesis with the opposing dualist forces of Gnosticism. As such, he assigned a date of to the Gospel. Early criticism[ edit ] The first certain witness to Johannine theology among the Fathers of the Church is in Ignatius of Antioch , whose Letter to the Philippians is founded on John 3: This would indicate that the Gospel was known in Antioch before Ignatius’ death probably Polycarp of Smyrna c.

Evangelical Textual Criticism: Date of P52

For most Christians, the New Testament is not only a precious record of the life of Jesus Christ and the apostles, but a divine revelation to mankind on matters of salvation. Christians of all denominations look to the Bible as their primary authority in determining doctrine, ethics, church structure, and all other religious issues. This strong reliance on the New Testament is based in part on the religious belief that it was divinely inspired.

But it also based on the belief that it is an accurate historical record written by men who experienced the lives of Jesus and the apostles firsthand.

Some thoughts on the implications of P52 for dating the New Testament. P52 is a fragment of a codex of John’s gospel, first published in by Colin Roberts, and dated to AD ± 25 years.

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The supposition that the author was one and the same with the beloved disciple is often advanced as a means of insuring that the evangelist did witness Jesus’ ministry. Two other passages are advanced as evidence of the same – But both falter under close scrutiny. Neither of these passages, therefore, persuades many Johannine scholars that the author claims eyewitness status.

P In , Bernard Greenfell acquired some papyri in Egypt. Among them were some small fragments. Many libraries around the world that concern thelselves with ancient writings have large collections of these small shards of papyrus.

Some comments I posted to textualcriticism when the article first appeared: There are some excellent things in this article. It is very powerful on the emergence of a spurious ‘consensus’ for an early 2nd cent date for P52 without any supporting evidence or argumentation. This sort of ‘groupthink’ slippage is well documented and shows that even senior NT text critics don’t always appeal to relevant evidence see note 22 on pp Since this seems to be an endemic problem for NT studies generally, it is helpful to have such a good case study.

A good one for students to ponder. Fayyum , AD 94, is the closest datable manuscript to P It is very helpful to get all the photos here and looking pretty clear. That takes a bit of work and helps everyone. This seems strange as after all the work it would have been useful to get his considered opinion on this. Nevertheless it appears from the conclusion ‘I have not radically revised Roberts’s work’ and from his comments on P. Nongbri does have some pretty basic problems of method though.

Rylands Papyri

A recent example will illustrate the problem. In what is on the whole a superb commentary on John’s gospel, D. Moody Smith writes the following about the date of John: For a time, particularly in the early part of the twentieth century, the possibility that John was not written, or at least not published, until [the] mid-second century was a viable one. At that time Justin Martyr espoused a logos Christology, without citing the Fourth Gospel explicitly.

Such an omission by Justin would seem strange if the Gospel of John had already been written and was in circulation.

Brent, so Colwell’s caution about the dating of P52 arises from the scarcity of comparable material dated around CE. Given the contemporary scholars who agree with that dating, one has to question his caution for other reasons. I state the obvious.

Did Chrstianity begin with a real person who lived around years ago, or was it begun later out of a hodgepodge of pagan religions with striking similarities to today’s Chrstianity? Think of Dion-ysius, Mith-ras and others. Many Chrstians point to early papyri to “prove” that Jsus was being written about withing 50 years or so from his supposed existence. Do those papyri in fact prove anything? How were they dated?

The “earliest” papyri is the famous P P52 is supposed to be the oldest scrap of the Greek Text and it has been dated to around CE Supposedly. How was it dated to CE?

Common Paine: Dating the Gospels

Background on Koine Greek[ edit ] Main article: However, even though Greek goods were popular in the East, the cultural influence tended to work the other way around. Yet, with the conquests of Alexander the Great BC and the subsequent establishment of Hellenistic kingdoms above all, the Seleucid Empire and Ptolemaic Kingdom , Koine Greek became the dominant language in politics, culture and commerce in the Near East.

During the following centuries, Rome conquered Greece and the Macedonian Kingdoms piece for piece until, with the conquest of Egypt in 30 BC, she held all land around the Mediterranean.

So much in New Testament history hinges on the Rylands Papyrus (P52). After all, this is supposed to be the earliest fragment of the New Testament that we possess. In every standard Introduction to NT, it is said that this tiny piece of writing, which contains only legible letters, is dated “at about AD”.

I guess after nearly years, a couple of months of waiting is just rough, huh? Keep up the good work. It is already well-attested. I certainly hope we have an earlier fragment that could be dated to the first century. My skepticism is about this particular fragment. There have been plenty of claims over the years that turned out to not be legitimate. The legitimacy of the NT documents is more than well attested, but an earlier copy would be great.

If the publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls is a model, we might not hear about this fragment of Mark for decades. But it would mean a lot to biblical scholars and students like those of us commenting here. We really want to examine the evidence you have! I am getting old!

P52 Release Date : thinkpad

July 16, Greek, anyone? What were your favorite subjects in school? I have always loved languages, both “living” and “dead. This interesting language, revived in the modern state of Israel, is written right to left.

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The Dating of New Testament Papyri

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I’ve listened to various podcasts and interviews featuring Fitzgerald over the years. I gave the book a quick perusal when I first got it, but because my introduction to New Testament minimalism a. But now that he has completed his anticipated Mything in Action series, I remembered this former book and decided to read it in its entirety, and I must say that I enjoyed it more than I anticipated.

The Good The most famous story in the Talmud concerning Rabbi Hillel describes a request made by a would-be disciple for the rabbi to teach him the Torah “while standing on one foot. This is essentially what David Fitzgerald has done for mythicism. He writes in a clear, lucid, and concise style unencumbered by the jargon and the convolutedness that usually characterizes academic writing. He writes for regular folk, not for scholars.

What’s more, he has a sense of humor that is usually lacking in the field of New Testament studies, without losing sight of the seriousness of the subject. Because of this accessible aspect, Nailed is an excellent introduction for any lay person interested in why some scholars question the historicity of Jesus but who doesn’t have either the time or the concentration to wade through pages of Doherty or of Carrier.

Papyrus P52. The Oldest Gospel Manuscript?