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Mir MBLAQ Jaebum JJ Project Cast acara ini emang rata-rata idol yang rookie kalo nggak yang lumayan terkenal disana, kayanya kalo idol yang macam hallyu gitu yang jadi cast-nya bakalan langsung dirajam sama fans nya: Mereka milih untuk ketemu di Bioskop. Awalnya rada lucu juga ngeliat pairing ini, dan Jihyun disini awalnya masih nganggep Hyunsik kayak “dongsaeng” gitu padahal umurnya cuman beda dua tahun. Nam-ssi” Jihyun langsung ngeh gitu kalo Hyungsik ga begitu kenal dia, akhirnya Hyungsik jelasin dia sebenernya bingung soalnya di 4minute nama membernya hampir sama semua Jiyoon,Sohyun,Jihyun. Pas disuruh ngelakuin mission challenge which is: Hyungsik masih keliatan rada nggak enak gitu soalnya Jihyun tipe-tipe ‘cute noona with manner’ eyaaa. Tapi endingnya pas holding hands juga Jihyun nya senyam senyum aja:

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He is the rapper of the group and also writes the raps himself. Their song entitled “Paradise” was featured in the first edition of the Boys Over Flowers’ soundtrack. He also had his solo song “Jun Be O. On June , he took part on the Mnet variety show “Mnet Scandal”, a show where a celebrity will go out with a non-celebrity for a week, on the end Joon decided to not keep dating his partner.

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The two almost gravitate towards each other, somehow ending up close without meaning to. Their jokes align too well; Ilhoon claims they must be from the same distant planet, because only they seem to understand the nonsense that streams from each other’s mouths. Together they’re a perfect team. They’re good hyungs, both of them, really.

But Hyunsik kind of likes it when they’re apart. He knows the way he clings to the two of them isn’t healthy.


K and Jei seemed to get along. How many of the viewers are really fans of. The Romantic and Idol, We Can. Ve always wondered if kpop stars ever considered dating.

May 20,  · Hyungsik gara-gara gak ada satu pun yg milih lagunya dia. Jei, milih lagunya Mir barengan sama Hyejeong, tapi Mir lebih milih Hyejeong. Begitu juga Seungah, dia keluar pas lagunya Junsu. Nah, Jaebum paling terakhir jadinya dia gak kebagian siapa pun:/.

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shotkid: The Romantic & Idol Season 1

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-She was one of the cast members on the first season of The Romantic & Idol, he paired up with 2PM’s Jun.K, JJ Project’s JB, and MBLAQ’s Mir on the show Birth Name: Cao Lu Stage Name: Cao Lu.

It took her nine years of auditions before a company would take her in and just when she thought everything was set nicely in place, it had to fall apart and she was back to square one. There were times when she wanted to drop everything and leave but Linzy had wanted this for so long that she never really thought about anything or anyone else. Linzy just focused on her dream and kept going. But when Hyemi came along, it was then that Linzy realized that there could be something more for her, other than being a singer.

That she could have other dreams too. Coming to her new company after leaving her previous one, she was the tall girl with the really red hair. It felt odd to be sitting in a completely different practice room, wondering if the fact that her hair was outstanding on its own was probably the reason why the other trainees looked at her weirdly. Nonetheless, she was friendly and smiled politely at anyone who spoke to her, making a few friends along the way.

She was wandering through the building one day during break, looking for a place to eat her snacks.


Hankwang High School Facts: Thunder took his place. Fast forward to and the tables are completely turned. O once said that he was thought of as the new substitute member, but he ended up staying as a trio. Seungho also said they had an extremely hard time and it was also hard because they were reorganizing things in preparation for a new MBLAQ, but after putting things in order and finding a new image, he regained strength.

Mir added that he even went down to the rural area to become one with nature.

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Anyways, she came through and here are the answers for those who are still curious. They deserve the love. They worked hard for it and I’m happy if they are happy haha. One More was one of the most sexual MVs of all , and it was quite a departure from their much more innocent, “cutesy” image of their previous songs. I honestly couldn’t even picture Cheska in that MV. I’d also just like to know if she is happy being away from the craziness that is the life of a Kpop performer.

And if she knows how much we miss her. I left because the idol group thing was just not my type of thing. I am happy right now yes. I wasn’t happy before though due to the fact that it just wasn’t easy for me.


Jul 11, Fiestar’s “One More” And A Rant I have literally no idea what kind of group Fiestar is, apart from that I listened to their debut song and thought it was alright and saw member Jei on dating show “Romantic and Idol”. Aside from those two things, I’m clueless. I only know that one member and I have not yet grasped what kind of music they put out and what kind of concepts they normally do.

From Jei’s point of view, what are the members attractions? Unnie is a foreigner, so they way she speaks is a little awkward and sometimes you have to steer her in the right direction, but it’s very endearing.

Last Glacial Maximum Dating glacial moraines in pennsylvania Between 12, and years ago much of the Gulf floor would have remained exposed, only moraine flooded by the prophete tx 07 testsieger dating after 8, years ago. Preliminary results indicate that environmental conditions during the past 25 ka the length of the ice-core have not been simultaneously warm and wet enough for our model to predict a glacial margin extending below the 0 oC isotherm. However, insights to the temporal evolution of basal regime is lacking for small glacier systems.

Between Sahul and Sundaland — a peninsula of South East Asia that comprised present-day Malaysia and western and northern Indonesia — there remained an archipelago of datings known as Wallacea. The new production rate yields beryllium ages that are older than previously reported, which means the boulders were exposed for longer than previously estimated.

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Palawan was also part of Sundaland, while the rest of the Philippine Islands formed one large island separated from the continent only by the Sibutu Passage and the Mindoro Strait. The researchers determined a new locally calibrated production rate that is at least 11 percent to 15 percent lower than the traditional global production rate.

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Battle: Jei (Fiestar) vs Chorong (APink)

The group consists of multi-national members: They made their debut in August 31, with their single, Vista. While many of the members took part in various activities before the group’s formal debut, according to their agency, all of them had been training together for two years and the average training time among the members was 4 years. Her album, titled Cat, was released in under her former stage name, LuLu Maknae and main rapper Yezi also became famous as an underground rapper even before she debuted, since she released various rap mixtapes on her account and garnered high praises from netizens before she was planned to become a member of the group.

Leader Jei did modeling for various online clothing stores and was the female lead for boy band Infinite’s music video for their song ‘Paradise’, Bongshil Sister’s My Love and also for Taw’s music video for Happy Hours featuring Joo and the Lifestyle.

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[Eng Sub][Reupload] The Romantic & Idol 2pm’s Jun.K Episode 1