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History[ edit ] Veste Coburg Ehrenburg Palace , rebuilt after a catastrophic fire in , received its Gothic revival exterior in the 19th century Coburg was first mentioned in a monastic document dated , which marked the transfer of ownership to the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne , [2]: The origin of the name Coburg is unclear; the first element may be kuh, which would give a literal meaning of “cow borough”. Its oldest remains date to the 12th or 13th century. In , the castle came into possession of the House of Henneberg and in it passed to the House of Wettin [2]: During the Diet of Augsburg in reformer Martin Luther spent six months at the castle located at the southernmost point of the Saxon duchy while his liege lord , John, Elector of Saxony , attended the Diet. Luther was forbidden to attend by the Elector, who feared that he would be imprisoned and burned as a heretic. While quartered at the castle Luther continued with his translation of the Bible into German. In , the princely residence was moved from the Veste to a former monastery, rebuilt as a Renaissance palace , the Ehrenburg. From to , it was one of the two capitals of the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld , and from — it was a capital of the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. In the early 19th century, the town’s medieval fortifications were demolished and replaced by parks.

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The Confessio Interior of the Confessio Niche of the Pallia According to tradition, Peter died in the pogrom ordered by Emperor Nero after a fire destroyed much of the city of Rome in 64, an event that shocked the whole Empire. Nero was a famously incestuous homicidal psychopath, and rumor quickly spread that he had set the fire either for his own amusement or to make room for a new palace. Desperate to deflect blame for the disaster, Nero accused a group of people even less popular than himself, that group of Jewish heretics who refused to worship Rome or its gods and that called themselves Christians.

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I’ll be hosting this riotous and informative event with Ingrid Willis, Chair of Bouchercon. Grab your continental breakfast free breakfast to Bcon attendees starts at 8 am and find a table. You will love this exhausting marathon of over authors “pitching” their books. Authors in pairs will make the rounds to each table. I’ve attended several Author Speed Dating events, and I can’t tell you how many new authors I’ve found through this special extravaganza.

This event is a life changer–or reader changer! What a great chance to find new authors and to meet your favorites. This is a great place to pitch your books to dedicated readers and fans. There are still a few spots open for authors, so if you’d like to be included in this round-robin author speed dating event, contact: This is your chance to introduce yourself and your book s to dedicated readers, including librarians, bloggers, reviewers and fans!

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Germany —present 17th century 3D-map of Bamberg. Matthias Merian in Danckerts, Historis, During the post- Roman centuries of Germanic migration and settlement, the region afterwards included in the Diocese of Bamberg was inhabited for the most part by Slavs. The town, first mentioned in , grew up by the castle Babenberch which gave its name to the Babenberg family. On their extinction it passed to the Saxon house. Henry II ordered the building of a new cathedral , which was consecrated 6 May The church was enriched with gifts from the pope , and Henry had it dedicated in honor of him.

Michael” , near Bamberg, a Benedictine abbey for the training of the clergy. The emperor and his wife Kunigunde gave large temporal possessions to the new diocese, and it received many privileges out of which grew the secular power of the bishop.

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Works Cited Abstract The concept of hypertext has succeeded in transforming the linear text of antiquity into the more modern technologies of web-based communication. Nonetheless, on the fiftieth anniversary of hypertext, we are still stuck in boxes. Ideas do not always fit in rectangles, and the graph theoretic topology of such things as much, flow charts, taxonomies, and more generally, glyphs and art, do not always conform comfortably to our 15th century legacy of rectangular typesetting.

Conway, Daniel and Leonard, Pauline (). Migration, Space and Transnational Identities: The British in South Africa. Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship.

Frankfurt am Main is the business and financial centre of Germany and the largest city in the German state of Hesse. The city is known for its futuristic skyline and the busiest German airport. Located on the river Main, Frankfurt is the financial capital of Continental Europe and the transportation centre of Germany. Furthermore, it hosts some of the world’s most important trade shows, such as the Frankfurt Auto Show and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Wealthy bankers, students and granola drop-outs coexist in a city that has some of the highest, most avant-garde skyscrapers of Europe next to well maintained old buildings. On the other hand, many off the beaten track neighbourhoods, such as Bockenheim, Bornheim, Nordend and Sachsenhausen, with their intact beautiful 19th century streets and parks are often overlooked by visitors. Frankfurt is the place where Germany’s major autobahns and railways intersect.

About , people commute to the city each day, in addition to the , people who actually live here. With a huge airport — the third-largest in Europe — it is the gateway to Germany and for many people also the first point of arrival in Europe. Further, it is a prime hub for interconnections within Europe and for intercontinental flights. Frankfurt is the most diverse city in Germany and has the highest percentage of foreigners in the country: Frankfurt is home to many museums, theatres and a world-class opera.

When to visit[ edit ] The best times for Frankfurt are late spring to early autumn. It rarely snows in Frankfurt itself.

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They enjoy dairy products. The refrigerated section of their supermarkets are homages to experimentations with yoghurt and quark. They will put a cheese or cream-based sauce with most things.

Speed Dating Helsinki 5/22/ Speed is what matters most. Alstom – to travel at this speed would require signalling alterations, whereas 1. Mr Gibb said: ‘We are pleased that Network Rail agrees with us in this instance and is working positively with us to deliver this change’. Each organisation is putting in funding of.

Im Rahmen der Europawoche vom 8. Mai um 12 Uhr im Oberen Foyer der Zentralbibliothek. Interessierte sind herzlich wilkommen! Die Ukraine hat das Wort Am Donnerstag, den 1. Weitere Informationen finden sie hier. Studienfahrt nach Wien mit Kurztrip nach Bratislava vom Den Link zur Homepage finden sie hier.

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South Carolina Criminal Search includes: Further verification for any name match is strongly recommended. Public Record Index of Record Searches This database is comprised of proprietary criminal data compiled from previously ordered county, statewide and federal criminal requests, from all 50 states, which contained records. Includes DOB, alias, age, height, weight, race, sex.

Includes Photo, last known address, city state.

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Nothing is sacred in this agile age, even love. Enter Tinder, the Uber of matchmaking. Now anyone can literally swipe left or right while sitting on the toilet in order to find their soul mate. In order to read up on Tinder, I just Googled it. For some reason, the industry has embraced an ephemeral speed-dating approach that is more akin to DTF than eHarmony. Brands are putting out APBs for startups, corralling a cacophony of Dog the Bounty Hunters to scrape the bottom of the barrel in order to compete for a low-cost ransom.

Pitch nights become meat markets, and speed dating becomes one-night stands, when in reality, each and every startup on show is — and should be looked at as — a potential soul mate. Stop looking at startups as a commodity abundant, interchangeable. Do away with free-for-all bounties for merciless and mercenary hunters 3. Abolish speed-dating if there is no intent on the part of the brands to follow up with a second date, or even… 4.

There might be a quick fix for everything today, but when it comes to carefully, respectfully and earnestly looking to make connections between big brands and small startups, the answer lies in curation, not automation; strategy, not tactics; follow-up and follow-through, not one-off checking the box of innovation.

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Whereas past filovirus outbreaks in sub-Saharan Africa have been rapidly brought under control with comparably few cases, this outbreak has been particularly resistant to containment efforts. Both the general population and primary health care workers have been affected by this outbreak, with hundreds of doctors and nurses being infected in the line of duty. In the absence of approved therapeutics, several caregivers have turned to investigational new drugs as well as experimental therapies in an effort to save lives.

This review aims to summarize the candidates currently under consideration for postexposure use in infected patients during the largest EBOV outbreak in history. The numbers of cases and fatalities from this outbreak have outnumbered those of all past filovirus outbreaks combined. As of 11 March , a total of 9, deaths from 24, cases have been reported 1 , although authorities believe that both numbers are likely underreported because of the inability of overwhelmed responders to report the epidemiological data accurately.

My research interests are in social interaction: conversation analysis and membership categorization analysis of interaction in a variety of contexts including healthcare settings, police interviews and hostage negotiation, mediation, dating, education, commercial sales encounters, and communication training.

Despite widespread recognition of the importance of spatiotemporally precise causal control over cellular signaling, for nearly the first half — of this year period, as optogenetics was being created, there were difficulties in implementation, few publications and limited biological findings. In contrast, the ensuing years have witnessed a substantial acceleration in the application domain, with the publication of thousands of discoveries and insights into the function of nervous systems and beyond.

This Historical Commentary reflects on the scientific landscape of this decade-long transition. Optogenetics is the combination of genetic and optical methods to cause or inhibit well-defined events in specific cells of living tissue and behaving animals 1. This technology, as employed today to study the neural circuit underpinnings of behavior, most commonly involves three core features: None of these three components was enabled for general optogenetic discovery in neuroscience 10 years ago 2 , or even when we suggested the new word to describe this emerging process a year later 3 , but each has scientific origins dating back decades.

The cross-integration that enabled optogenetics over the past 10 years only became possible under the right conditions. Each component also continues to rapidly evolve for greater precision and complexity. Indeed, these fundamental elements of optogenetics are increasingly recruiting and bringing to bear more branches of science and engineering, ranging from computational tools for system identification to automated optical readouts of behavior and neural activity to high-content anatomical data extraction methods for discovering structural and wiring relationships 4.

The most recent technological developments, along with experimental guidelines, challenges and limitations, have already been reviewed in detail this year 4. In the present Historical Commentary, I focus on the optogenetic transition itself over the past 10 years, from scientific conditions surrounding the early work to the major discoveries that have arisen with application of this technology over the same time period, all set in the context of the development of three converging disciplines that could hardly be more disparate in origin and tradition.

Developing and assembling the components of optogenetics The first of these three components has been part of the fabric of biochemistry and physiology for many decades:

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Baumholder Germany Army Base Germany Trade and Invest was instrumental in setting up these centers as the baumholder germany army base in Berlin who has a 6 month sales cycle in Germany. This is definitely a mistake! So take this into account skiing in Europe, and there are cheap long distance calls should bridge the baumholder germany army base a holiday home during their vacation in Germany.

Germany Germany is more fun when you can blog about it.

The majority of my friends are coupled, engaged, married or starting families. So, when my friend, who has also tried the online thing, asked if I would be willing to go speed dating with her, I thought now was as good a time as any to mix it up. We did a little bit of research and saw that events through Fastlife. Plus, if we had a good time, the extra cash could be put towards going to another date night in the future.

Eventually we lucked out and found ourselves a coupon through Groupon my go to website. The stars were aligned; we were on our way to potentially meeting some new people, new guys. We took up the left side. Arriving a bit before the 7: When we came back about 10 minutes later, the hostess was there and greeted us, letting us know where everyone would be seated later on and invited us to grab a drink at the bar to unwind until all participants showed up.

My friend and I were the first ones there, so we each ordered a beverage and perched ourselves on a couple stools, watching as various men and women trickled in. After all, the girls were our competition and the guys were the reason why we were there. While it was a good time and it breezed by before I knew it, it was over and it was already 10 pm , it was also a tad draining.

If you think about it, there is a lot riding on that first impression.

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